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Weather Policy

Weather Policy


1 Policy Statement


Bridge Learning Campus holds Physical Education in high regard. The School and The Physical Education/Sports Department believe that our pupils should participate in Physical Education and Games lessons on a regular basis. Every effort will therefore be made to ensure that learning is not hindered by adverse or extreme weather conditions and pupils not held back from learning due to weather conditions. Staff will make a decision as to the suitability of the weather conditions and the facilities to continue learning. This decision will be solely a matter for the School and will take into account safety and risk factors relative to the individual circumstances.


2 Procedures


2.1 Definition of Extreme Weather On occasions, extremes in weather conditions may affect Physical Education and Games lessons.

Potential extremes in weather conditions may include the following

  1. - High Temperatures (Above 32 Degrees)

  2. - Low Temperatures (Below 0 Degrees)

  3. - Thunder and Lightning

  4. - Torrential Rain and Flooding

  5. - Snow


2.2 Decision


The Physical Education Department will use their professional judgement to decide whether a lesson should be cancelled, abandoned or altered (teaching content and/or venue) to ensure that learning objectives can still be achieved. This judgement call may mean that one or all of the following may occur at any time during the lesson:  

  1. the lesson continues as normal  

  2. the lesson is relocated to another venue  

  3. the lesson is abandoned  

  4. the lesson is shortened.