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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

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Learning Campus

Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Trust in Learning Academies

Bridge Learning Campus is proud to be part of Trust in Learning (Academies).


Trust in Learning is an education charity formed in 2008 and is an Academy Sponsor based in Bristol whose principal purpose is to create inclusive education communities that provide excellent education and excellent outcomes for children and young people.


The University of the West of England together with the City of Bristol College make up the membership of the Trust and they share a common ethos to seek to provide inspiring educational experiences that will equip our children with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding that will provide all of them with the opportunity to go onto university of choose to pursue a career of their choice.


Equally important to Trust in Learning is to help children and young people understand a world that is rapidly changing and one which will require them to be adaptable and flexible; yet also retain a sense of place and to appreciate their own social responsibilities as a citizen.


Trust in Learning currently sponsors four academies within the City of Bristol:-


  • Bridge Learning Campus (3 - 16 years)
  • Filton Avenue Primary School (4 - 10 years)
  • Orchard School Bristol (11 - 16 years)
  • Parson Street Primary School (3 - 10 years)


Trust in Learning also supports a Trust School:-


  • New Fosseway Special School (7 - 19 years)


More information about Trust in Learning Academies can be found by clicking here.