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Non-participants in PE

If a student cannot take part in the lesson fully for any reason they must produce a signed note from their parent/guardian, failure to do so they will be expected to take part as normal in the lesson within reason.

If the issue is longer term for 3 or more lessons the note must be accompanied by a note from the doctor. The note must state what they can and cannot do in the lesson and whether they can still get changed into their PE kit. The PE staff will use their experience to support in this situation.


All students are expected to be in the lesson under the supervision of a teacher, therefore in the event they are excused they still require kit to change into so their uniform stays dry to put back on afterwards. If they do not have their kit they may wear a coat at the discretion of the teacher but they are expected to still come out with the class regardless of the weather in most circumstances.


Sometimes the PE department need to adapt and make exceptions to the above rules, the clearer communication is from home the easier it is for us to make a decision. 


We thank you in advance for your cooperation.