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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Year 7 visit Cheltenham Science Festival

On Tuesday, 12 Year 7 students attended the Cheltenham Science Festival, along with students from two other local schools as part of the Discover Maths program run by South Bristol Youth.


Throughout the day they enjoyed a range of of hands on activities including: paper folding, creating a twelve sided shape (dodecahedron) from single pentagons folded from A4 paper, code cracking with members of GCHQ, programming a vehicle to move round a course with the Ministry of defence, learnt about the formation of the periodic table and the most fun, the bush tucker trial, which involved eating different insects - depending on a spin of a wheel.  All good fun!


All the pupils were thoroughly engaged throughout the day, asking some well thought out and intriguing questions to the many professionals at the festival and were a credit to BLC.