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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

World Book Day Gallery

What a fantastic day we had on Thursday celebrating World Book Day 2020 across the campus sharing creativity, laughter, inspiration and ideas. Students took part in quizzes, presentations, interviews, activities and workshops. Secondary had a visit from writer Nikesh Shukla. They also had a great time swapping books, making recommendations and simply discussing why books are special and why we're so lucky to share in our love of reading! Don't forget to use your book tokens, visit your local Library and of course, all students in Year 6 to 11 can borrow from Ms Phelp's Lending Library. Happy Reading!


We saw some amazing outfits from both our pupils and staff. Primary parents can can see individual photos on Class Dojo - To connect to this follow these simple steps; 

1) Download the ClassDojo app or load ClassDojo through the internet

2) Create an account 

3) Search for Bridge Learning Campus

4) Request to link to their child