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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

University of Gloucestershire visit

A small group of Year 10 students on the Future Quest programme visited the University of Gloucestershire today to discover what life might be like as an undergraduate student there.


The day included a tour of the Oxstalls campus, looking at some amazing hands-on facilities on offer to students there, such as: a fully-functional hospital ward (with artificial patients in beds!); state-of-the-art Sport Science and Exercise equipment; a mock law court (with wood panelling, judge’s chair and a jury box; pictured) and the Performing Arts studios, as well as a brief look at the Student Union and Accommodation facilities at the Oxstalls campus.


The day concluded with a board game – specially designed by the University of Gloucestershire – called ‘Mint or Skint’, which aimed to get prospective young students to playfully explore some of the financial and life-style choices often faced by undergraduates when they start at university.


During the campus tour a member of the University of Gloucestershire staff came over to the BLC and St Bernadette’s student group to compliment the students on their excellent behaviour!