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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.


As you will have heard we have recently started using ParentMail as our way to communicate with parents. All parents and carers will have received an email with registration details. Once registered we recommend that you download the App that accompanies it. We will be switching completely to ParentMail by Monday 25th February.


If you require any support with setting this up please contact either reception and we will be happy to assist.


ParentMail will be used for our upcoming secondary Parents Evenings for parents and carers to book their appointments.


 These sessions are invaluable sessions where parents and carers can catch up regarding their children's progress. Where possible we would appreciate maximum participation. The dates are as follows;


Secondary Parent's Evenings

Year 7 Parent's Evening - Thursday 28th February 3.30pm

Year 8 Parent's Evening and Options Evening - Wednesday 6th March 3.30pm

Year 9 Parent's Evening - Thursday 25th April 3.30pm
Year 10 Parent's Evening - Thursday 14th March 3.30pm