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Oracy Assemblies

Oracy Assemblies in Primary School


Assemblies are an important part of our learning each week for a variety of reasons. Every child in Primary, from Reception to Year Six, takes part in an assembly to develop their understanding of:

  • Cultural capital- understanding of the world around them,
  • British Values- tolerance, respect, democracy, rule of law and individual liberty,
  • The BLC way- respect, responsibility and resilience,
  • Their Oracy skills including both speaking and listening.


Our assemblies are based on the fact that we value children’s opinions and want them to develop their own voice in order to share them.


Reception assemblies are part of a larger programme to develop speaking and listening and they focus on celebrating the children’s achievements. From Year One upwards, each assembly is centred on an age appropriate theme from the current news topics.


We all remember assemblies from when we were at school- sat in rows, facing an adult who would talk about a topic for up to half an hour… a lot of listening skills were needed. In assemblies at BLC children are asked questions, expected to talk to their partner about their ideas using sentence stems and key vocabulary and then asked to feedback to everyone in the room. An important part of the assembly is then the feedback they receive from staff and their peers based on their Oracy skills. We ensure they know what they have done well and a small way they can improve their speaking or listening next time.


We believe these assemblies are an important way for children to develop:

  • Confidence in their own ability to speak,
  • How they respond to what they have heard,
  • Their understanding of other people’s opinions
  • The breadth of their understanding of the world they live in.


Example assembly slides in the photos below.