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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

MFL Bristol University visit

On Wednesday 6th March, fifteen Year 9 Spanish students attended the GCSE Languages Conference at The University of Bristol. Bridge Learning Campus was one of only several schools in Bristol to be invited to attend this highly beneficial and informative event. 


The event was very successful and our students behaved impeccably - they really did us proud. It was fantastic to see them getting actively involved in their sessions, with some students sharing excellent answers and suggestions in front of over one hundred people! 


The main point of the day was to broaden student views on languages and to enable them to see the validity and vital nature of foreign languages in the world of today. Students attended a Spanish university taster workshop on ‘reading Spanish film’, they heard tales from Year Abroad students and were able to ask questions about careers that use languages to experts within a variety of fields who use languages on a daily basis. We even learnt a bit of Russian in our challenging ab initio language taster session! This made students realise that Spanish is actually straight-forward in comparison! 


Students came away from the day feeling energised, enthused and motivated with regard their language learning and were able to clearly see how languages can open doors and opportunities and also how they can change lives. 


Thank you to Gina Robinson at The University of Bristol for organising such a great event - we look forward to working with you further in the future.