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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Maths Instagram Takeover

What a fun day the Maths department had on Tuesday as they took over the campus Instagram account.


During the day we had an inside look as to what the Maths department got up to, this included; Students taking part in TT Rockstars challenges, a recital of Pi to 112 digits and a lesson in estimating by Year 7 pupil Donton.


Maths teacher Ms Eills said "when we heard we could take over the Instagram account we got really excited. We had so much fun doing it and the students really engaged with it. Maybe we'll get to do it again sometime in the future!"


You can see some of the Instagram posts below. The next Instagram takeover will happen in term 3 but which department is it going to be who takes the reigns? Who do you want to see?


To follow us on Instagram just search "bridgelearningcampus".