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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Labour win Student Election 2019

Over the past two days students from Year 4 to Year 11 have been voting in a mock general election. Each student was issued with their own unique polling card and were encouraged to go to the polls in their own time during break times and lunch.


In the build up students listened to party political broadcasts from each party which helped them to decide who to vote for.


When the polls closed at 2pm the count began. After around 30 mins the results were declared as follows;


Labour 46%

Green party 16%

Liberal Democrats 16%

Brexit party 13%

Conservatives 9%


Turnout 75%


Well done to all the students who took and voted and to those who assisted with the count. A special mention also goes to LJ & Lola who hosted the coverage on social media. A thanks to all the staff who assisted with the administration of the event especially Miss Hackling who was awesome.


Have a look at the full gallery below.