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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Former Year 11 students looking for an Apprenticeship?


HMRC’s award-winning Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT) are looking for positive, flexible, and highly motivated apprentices, who're 16 years of age or over. There is no upper age limit for apprentices.


Perhaps you’re a school or college leaver with the ambition to travel, meet new people, and undertake fruitful, experience-earning opportunities? 
Or maybe you’re experienced, but looking to progress your un-tapped abilities and potential, and forge a fresh career, with the capacity to progress within a large, transformative organisation? 

Whatever your background, we’re in search of motivated, driven and ambitious individuals. 


The SRRT is an innovative team, providing rapid and planned response to support the Civil Service in times of emergency, crisis or unusually high peaks in work. Based in HMRC you and your team could be deployed to different parts of the UK, or in some circumstances internationally, to support in a vast array of government departments. The work will be extremely varied in type, practice, and place – from working with the Home Office’s Border Force, to telephony work in the Department for Work and Pensions, to supporting UK citizens in the wake of major international incidents with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – it’s safe to say boredom isn’t a word in the SRRT vocabulary. 


Salary - £19.160 - £20,640


For more information please e-mail