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Face Coverings

I would like to clarify an issue for parents and carers regarding the wearing of facemasks in the secondary building. Students can choose to wear a face covering in any lesson if they wish. It is our expectation that all pupils wear a face covering when moving between lessons (even a short distance) and in communal areas at break and lunchtimes, unless they are eating/drinking. The vast majority of pupils are keeping to this all of the time. This was introduced in order to minimise the risk of transmission at times when pupils are gathering in larger groups and closer together than they are when in a classroom. They are also in closer proximity to members of staff, who are also expected to wear a  face covering. Whilst we are not sanctioning pupils for not wearing a face covering, we will require anyone not wearing a mask to adhere strictly to social distancing, staying at least 2m from others. In the lunch queue, this will mean the pupil will be asked to wait until the queue has gone before they go up to collect their food. No pupil will be prevented from getting lunch through this and it ensures we continue to do all we can to keep everyone safe on site.