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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Diwali Day in Primary

Happy Diwali! On Monday 19 November children over in primary celebrated Diwali day. Diwali is the festival of light and to celebrate this the children all wore brightly coloured t-shirts! On the day, the children made diva lamps out of salt dough. They made the salt dough by mixing together flour, salt and water. When the dough hardens they will be able to take them home and put tea-lights in them- they look fantastic! The children in Year 2 also learnt about henna and mehndi patterns, they drew around their own hands, drew their own patterns on them and painted them using water colours. They children learnt about rangoli patterns and used tissue paper and glitter to make their own. As well as this, the children discussed the story of Rama and Sita , talked about the meaning behind this and discussed how it links to Diwali. Children in Years 3-5 took part in a Bollywood dancing workshop. It was tremendous fun and the children really enjoyed learning the difference dance moves! Children in Year 6 reflected on their day by writing a diary entry. A fantastic day was had by all, take a look at our pictures! Mr Northam had a brilliant outfit!