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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Awards for our Reading Gladiators

Congratulations to our Year 4 Reading Gladiators for winning their latest mini-challenge. Well done to Year 2 for being runner ups in their mini-challenge.


For their prizes they received a big sparkly parcel from Just Imagine for the Year 4 children and another box containing: Hot chocolate, marshmallows, a beautiful biscuit box filled with chocolate biscuits and a parcel wrapped in sparkly paper for the Year 2 children.

The Reading Gladiators had also written to the author Mac Barnett (an American author of the book:The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse) and this week they received a letter back from America from Mac. He had taken the trouble to answer all the children's questions about the book. In one question Bailee had asked: " Why did you choose to write this story for children?" Mac responded by answering "Hmm. I don't really choose to write stories, I get excited about writing them and just do it."