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England Roses


Each position has roles to play and areas of the court they are allowed in:


Chest Pass      

Technique - it’s a flat pass  

-both hands behind the ball in ‘W’ shape   

- elbows down and push ball directly and hard at team mate   

-when passing step forward to generate more power


Bounce Pass

Technique - A bounce pass can be one or two-handed

- hold the ball at chest height and make sure your fingers are pointing towards the floor of the court.

- then you need to release the ball from waist height and bend your knees as you pass.

- aim the ball just over halfway between you and the receiver, and flick your wrists as you release the ball. 

- extend your arms as you make the pass to keep the ball on the right path.



Technique - This movement is necessary when the player receiving the ball wishes to turn ready to pass.

- In order to pivot the player with the ball must turn in a rotating motion on their first grounded foot.

- This turning motion should be away from the defender. The ball should be held close to the body whilst it is positioned to throw.

- As the player pivots around, the head should follow the body so the eyes are looking at where the pass can be thrown.


One-foot landing

Technique - Land with feet approximately shoulder width apart to give a firm support base.  

-  When landing with one foot first quickly bring the other foot down to evenly spread the body weight over two feet.  

- Body should be upright when landing.      

- Bend knees, hips and ankles slightly on impact. This will help cushion the force of the landing.