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First Aid/medical

Vision Screening

Reception and Year 1 pupils will be bringing home a letter today regarding vision screening.

Please complete and return to school.

A date for the screening hasn't been set yet. As soon as it has I will let you all know.



Year 9 MenACWY/DtP vaccinations

On Thursday 6th May the school immunisation team will carry out the Year 9 MenACWY/DtP vaccinations. The consent forms and leaflets we be given to your child before the Easter Holiday.

Year 10 girls who missed their second dose of the HPV vaccination

The current Year 10 girls missed their second dose of the HPV vaccination last year due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. Community clinics have been run to try and catch-up with as many students as possible. 

The School Immunisation Team will be coming into school on the 15th of March for the remaining students. 


We have consent forms for the students that we need to see. 

Update from school nurse team if your child did not have the Flu Immunisation due to pork gelatin. They now have Gelatin free Immunisation. Please see attached document.

Possible side effects if your child had the Flu vaccine yesterday.

Update from the Flu team 

Their phone lines are now working

Message from Immunisation team  





Our Immunisation phone line is currently not going to voicemail thus we are having troubles receiving calls and messages.


If Parent/Carers need to advice or clinic appointments please could they email the Immunisation Team at with a contact number so we can call them back.


We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your ongoing support throughout this years Flu programme



Kind Regards

Jonathan Brown

Immunisations Administrator

Flu immunisations for Reception to year 7 pupils will take place on 3rd December 2020

If you haven't returned your child's form please do so by 15th October 


Quick guide for parents re COVID

HPV vaccine 

Pupils in Year 9 will be having the HPV vaccine on Thursday 17th September.

Consent forms will be coming home with your child tomorrow.

Please complete and return 

If your child has already had the vaccine please state this on the form.

If you do not wish your child to have the vaccine please sign in the box that says NO


Immunisations for year 8 and 9

Welcome to the First Aid/Medical page of Bridge Learning Campus.


My name is Rachel Brown I am the First Aid Coordinator at BLC where I have worked at BLC for since 2014. Some parents/ carers may have met or spoken with me for numerous reasons. 


If your child has any medical condition(s) please contact me so I can support them during their time at BLC. You can contact me on email using I am based in C0-18 in the secondary building.


Update for Year 8 and 9 HPV immunisations

Useful apps and information for first aid

Bristol Uni and the Children's Hospital are trying to measure the impact of chickenpox on families.  If your child does catch chickenpox please visit 

Information regarding illness

Head lice information