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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Curriculum & Assessment Information

Our curriculum statement:


“Our curriculum equips students for life in modern Britain, instilling confidence, skills and knowledge. This will enable them to build a successful future as respectful, resilient and responsible citizens.”


Curriculum review 2018

We are currently reviewing our curriculum for September 2019 to ensure that all students across the whole campus can meet the aims of our new curriculum statement (above).


In order to develop confident young people who are responsible, respectful and resilient, our curriculum will have three core elements:


1. Reading – a total commitment to ensuring every child is a fluent and skilled reader and develops a wide vocabulary. This is essential to enable access to our broad and engaging curriculum.


2. Oracy – explicit opportunities to learn, develop and secure effective skills of oral communication so that students are confident to discuss, develop and deepen their learning.


3. Cultural Capital – broadening and deepening students’ knowledge and understanding of the best of human creativity and achievement; enabling our students to develop the essential skills for life as a citizen of modern Britain. 


Once the review is complete, details of our campus curriculum for 2019 will be posted here.