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Reporting COVID symptoms or test result over Christmas holidays.


Parents and Carers - If your child develops Coronavirus symptoms or tests positive for Covid 19 over the Christmas holidays, please use this form to log it with us. This will enable us to keep our records up to date and support our families as and when needed.

For information regarding NHS Test and Trace please click here.

Self Isolation guidance

Supporting Parents and Carers with Bereavement Support

Covid 19 has sadly led to an increased number of us experiencing bereavement. Whilst this is never an easy time, our children will often needs support in managing their emotions. Bristol City Council has produced a list of organisations to help parents and carers in supporting their children which can be accessed by clicking here

Students also have access to bereavement support through the wellbeing folders in google classroom and on dojo. If you would like to talk to someone or would like further information please email or telephone school number ext 2013. 

Supporting Parental Mental Health

Supporting Parental Wellbeing and Parent Practice through Values-Guided Action, is a short online based parenting course based on the ACT model (acceptance and commitment training). 

The course consists of three webinars, the first of which can be found by clicking here, It takes us through basic value and mindfulness practice and mirrors the approach BLC staff use with your children. 

The webinars have practical exercises to follow and clearly model self care for parents, alongside how to demonstrate values through your actions.

Information on School Opening Monday 8th June 2020


Personalised letters were posted at the end of last week to the parents and carers of all children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 with details of the arrangements for these children's return to school from Monday 8th June. 


Unfortunately, due to a Royal Mail system issue beyond our control, some of these letters have not yet arrived. 


Here are the key details that parents and carers need before Monday 8th June so that they can send their children back to school safely.


  1. Our staff tried to contact every parent/carer last week to ask if they were sending their child back to school. Only those parents who confirmed a definite "Yes" should send their children in on Monday 8th June. 
  2. All children should arrive through the main primary gates off Teyfant Rd or through the park next to the field. Members of the SLT will be able to direct you from there to the correct drop-off point.
  3. Drop-off and pick-up times have been staggered to minimise mixing off parents, carers and children on the way to school. Children in Nursery, Blue Class, Emerald Class should all arrive at 8.30 am and be picked up at 2.30 pm. Children in Red Class and Jade Class should arrive at 9.00 am and be picked up at 3.00 pm.
  4. Year 6 children should arrive at the time stated on their letter (for those who receive it on time). If you have not received a letter, please arrive at 8.45 am.
  5. School uniform is optional but blazers and ties (in Year 6) should not be worn. 
  6. Children in all years will need to arrive with a packed lunch and a water bottle - our school kitchens will not be open. Children do not need to bring any other equipment with them to school. 


I hope this gives parents/carers enough information for Monday morning. The letters send to each parent/carer will have more detailed information. Once they have arrived, if you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.


Mr Maule


Letter from Mr Maule, Headteacher 01.06.20


Please see letter from Mr Maule, Headteachter 01.06.20 regarding Re-Opening by clicking here.

Covid-19 Update Letter


Please find the latest letter from Mark Davies, TiLA CEO 18.05.20 by clicking here.

Message from School Nurses


Please click here to see a lovely message from our School Nurses. Please get in touch if you need any support on 0300 12345816.

Free School Meals Voucher Scheme Updated 29.04.20


Please click here to see the latest update regarding Free School Meal Voucher Scheme.

Free School Meals Voucher Scheme Update


Please click here to see information regarding update information of how you will received your next eCodes if you entitled to Free School Meals.

Familes in Focus


For the latest Families in Focus Bulletin please click here.

COVID-19 Staying Safe

Please click on the links Face COVID-19 and That Discomfort.

Latest Communication from Trust in Learning Academies


Please find the link for the Latest Communication from Trust in Learning Academies.

Free School Meals service - Update Tuesday 24th March


Following the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday evening, we have made a small change to the provision of Free School Meals to our students:

  • Tuesday (today) provision of one Free School Lunch, to be collected from BLC or Re-Work on Filwood Broadway. 
  • Wednesday - collection of three days worth of meals, from BLC or Re-Work on Filwood Broadway. This will help reduce the number of times families need to leave their homes this week. There will be no food to collect on Thursday.
  • Monday 30th March - Collection of two days worth of meals
  • Wednesday 1st April - Collection of three days worth of meals
  • All remaining weeks to follow the same Monday & Weds collection service

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

School Information for Monday 23rd March 2020


Please find information regarding School for Students on Monday 23rd March 2020,


This information is only for students who have had confirmation that they can attend school.

Keyworker Provision and Free School Meals Update


Please click on the link for Keyworker Provision and Free School Meals Update.

Keyworker Provision at BLC


Please click on the link to see information regarding Keyworker Provision at BLC and also a link to Keyworker Guidance.

Whole School Closure


Please click on the link for information regarding Whole School Closure and for Primary Home Learning and Secondary Home Learning.

Google Classroom Information


Please click on the link for information on accessing Google Classroom.

Coronavirus Symptoms


According to the government website, the most common symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of:


  • new continuous cough and/or
  • high temperature


The most recent guidance advises you only need to keep your child at home if they have developed these symptoms. Additionally, the Government advice is if anyone living at your home has symptoms then all the household should self-isolate for 14 days.


If your child is staying at home, they should be avoiding social contact. There is clear guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection. If your child is not staying at home, they should be in school as normal. With increased possibility of future school closures, every day in school is even more important than usual at this time.Please continue to do all you can to ensure your child's attendance, within the government guidelines.

Home Learning


Please click on the link for information about Home Learning.

TiLA Coronavirus Parent Briefing


Please click on the link Parent Briefing.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions


Please see the Coronavirus FAQs for Parents and Carers

Coronavirus Update - 13th March


Please click this link to see latest communication from Trust in learning re Coronavirus.


Hand washing - How to was your hands properly