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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

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Learning Campus

Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

Term Dates

Term Dates 2018-19

Term 1: Monday 3rd September 2018 to Friday 26th October 2018
Term 2: Monday 5th November 2018 to Friday 21st December 2018 (First day for students Tuesday 6th November as Monday 5th November is an Inset Day - See below)
Term 3: Monday 7th January 2019 to Friday 15th February 2019
Term 4: Monday 25th February 2019 to Friday 5th April 2019
Term 5: Tuesday 23rd April 2019 to Friday 24th May 2019
Term 6: Monday 3rd June 2019 to Tuesday 23rd July 2019 (Last day for students in Friday 19th July, finish at 1pm, as Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July are Inset Days - See below)

Inset Days 2018-19

Inset Day 1: Monday 3rd September 2018
Inset Day 2: Tuesday 4th September 2018
Inset Day 3: Monday 5th November 2018
Inset Day 4: Friday 21st December 2018
Inset Day 5: Friday 5th April 2019

Inset Day 6: Friday 28th June 2019

Inset Day 7: Monday 1st July 2019
Inset Day 8: Monday 22nd July 2019
Inset Day 9: Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Term Dates 2019-20


Term 1: Monday 2nd September 2019 to Friday 25th October 2019

Term 2: Monday 4th November 2019 to Friday 20th December 2019

Term 3: Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 14th February 2020

Term 4: Monday 24th February 2020 to Friday 3rd April 2020

Term 5: Monday 20th April 2020 to Friday 22nd May 2020

Term 6: Monday 1st June 2020 to Monday 20th July 2020