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Term 3 & 4 Clubs - Primary

Term 4 clubs begin week commencing Monday 25th February and finish Friday 5th April 2019.  


There will be no clubs on Thursday 4th April due to staff training.


We have 2 new clubs for Term 4!  Superstar Science for Year 2 (invite only) and Avon Wildlife Club for Years 4 and 5.  Spaces are limited so please apply via the BLC club email box.


Thank you

At times we may need to cancel a club which we will do by phone/text/email and social media. If the club is cancelled by the school for any reason we will consider a refund for the related session. If your child is unable to attend, refunds will not be given. It is very important to let the school office know if your child is not able to attend their club on any day. It is parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure their child is collected from school promptly at the end of a club or if a club is cancelled.


We do expect your child to attend every session. If your child fails to attend more than 2 consecutive weeks, their place may be given to another child on the waiting list. Due to the popularity of the clubs you can select 2 choices however you may not get all your choices. We will try to meet your First choice where possible.


Please email your child’s 2 choices to

Picture 1 Year 1 to Year 6
Picture 2 Year 2 to Year 5 Club Full
Picture 3 Invite Club only
Picture 4 Term 4 New club for Year 4 and 5.
Picture 5 Year 1 to Year 6 - Club Full
Picture 6 Invite Club only
Picture 7 Invite Club only
Picture 8 Invite only club
Picture 9 Year 1 to Year 6
Picture 10 Term 4 new club. Year 2 Invite only
Picture 11 Invite Club only
Picture 12 Invite Club only
Picture 13 Year 1 to Year 6
Picture 14 Invite Club only
Picture 15
Picture 16 Year 1 to Year 6
Picture 17 Invite Club only
Picture 18 Year 4 to Year 6 - Club Full
Picture 19 Year 1 to Year 6
Picture 20 Invite Club only
Picture 21 Year 1 to Year 2 Club full