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Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.

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Learning Campus

Trust in Learning. Trust in Success.


Early Years and Foundation Stage


Miss L Cox - Nursery Teacher

Miss S Fallows - Reception Teacher

Mrs L Vivian - Reception Teacher/Head of EYFS




Mrs K Fenton - Year 1

Miss S Gully - Year 1

Miss V Oman - Year 2

Miss G Darrah - Year 2

Miss H Marsh - Year 2

Mrs C Robinson - Year 3

Mrs E Baughen - Year 3/4

Mr D Northam - Year 3

Mr J Woodman - Year 4

Mr O Cook - Year 4

Mr R Viggers - Year 5

Mrs C Purnell - Year 5

Mrs R Northcott - Year 5

Mrs S Williams - Year 6

Miss T Tovey - Year 6 

Miss R Snape - Year 6

Mrs S Milsome - PPA

Mrs L Johnson - PPA




Miss J Aland - DT

Mrs N Andrews - Diamond Class

Mr J Byers - Languages

Miss H Chilton - Maths

Miss E Cooper - Geography

Mr D Czirok-Carmen - Food Technology and Textiles

Mr T Davine - Music

Mr S Dewer - Science

Mr M Douglas - History

Miss E Eills - Maths

Mrs R Fielder - History

Miss M Ford - Photography

Mrs R Foster - Maths

Miss S Hathway - Science

Mrs M Hazel - Science

Mrs C Hodson - Science

Mr T Jones - Maths

Miss K Joslin - English

Mr M Knight - PE

Miss J Marchant - English

Miss B Phelps - English

Mrs A Reeve - English

Miss K Rock - Art 

Miss A Rowden - Languages

Mrs S Redwood - English

Miss M Perera - Science

Mr N Trudgen - PE

Mrs R Trudgen - Geography

Miss L Tuttiett - Business

Miss H Wallace - Maths

Miss C Weekes - PE

Miss M Wild - English

Miss C Williams - Science

Mr M Young - PE