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Bridge Primary

Phase 1-2

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Phase 1

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Bridge Secondary

Phase 3-4

New Fosseway


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Email us: enquiries@bridgelearningcampus.com

For New Fosseway please use ebaker@bridgelearningcampus.com


Phase 1 - 3

Bridge Learning Campus

William Jessop Way



BS13 0RL

Phase 1 & 2: 0117 903 0356

Phase 3: 0117 353 4472


New Fosseway

New Fosseway @ the Bridge

Bridge Learning Campus

Teyfant Road



BS13 0RG

0117 903 0220


Professional Development Centre

Bridge Professional Development Centre

Bridge Learning Campus

Teyfant Road



BS13 0RF

0117 903 0277



Please mark all post appropriately e.g. for Phase 1 & 2, Phase 3, New Fosseway or Professional Development Centre.




Campus Chief Executive
Mark Davies


Headteacher - Mrs Keziah Featherstone

Associate Headteacher - Mr Neil Willey

Assistant Headteacher Phase 1 - Mrs Vourneen Carter

Assistant Headteacher Phase 2 - Mr Chris Penny

Assistant Headteacher Phase 3 - Ms Katrina Boyall 


Assistant Headteacher STEM Curriculum - Miss Liz Hackling 

Assistant Headteacher Culture Curriculum - Mr Simon Shaw 

Assistant Headteacher Joint Professional Practice - Simon Postlethwaite & Ms Waller

Assistant Headteacher Engagement & Motivation - Mr Paul Todd

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion/SEND - Ms Sarah Cheshire 



New Fosseway Director - Shân Wynne-Jones



PDC Co-ordinator - Corinne Morris